It happens to every homeowner at one time or another. That beautiful garden wall that you built for you and your spouse has grown old and your children that played under the hanging arbors have grown on and grown older as well. You don’t walk out there as often as you once did and when you do, you realize that a frustrated local artist has covered the wall with a mural of their own making or that BubbaJo and BubbaSu have chosen your garden wall to commemorate their four hour anniversary and their love is FOREVER!

You go to your local Wichita Falls hardware store and purchase solvent and a wire brush. You can’t use the right solvent because it is so harmful to the environment and your arm is glowing red with pain after ten minutes of scrubbing. This is where you need to stop and pick up your phone to call AOC Environmental to get a quote for us to come and use our dustless blasting® system to remove the unwanted artwork from your wall.

AOC uses a water + blasting media system that removes only the artwork and minimizes the loss of mortar or brick in your wall structure. We can ‘wet blast’ using glass beads, recycled crushed glass, coal slag; and each of these in a multitude of sizes to best meet your need. Our ability to utilize the right media every time ensures your project is performed as efficiently as possible, is as cost effective as possible and is fully safe for the environment!        

AOC Environmental and our wet blasting system is easy on your structure, your pocket book, the environment and your timeline. Our ability to get in and get done makes our system easy on your neighbor’s ears as well! Give us a call for your next outdoor project.

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AOC Environmental. Inc. is a leading complex project solution provider in Environmental Remediation, Construction, and Demolition.  We also offer Asbestos and Lead Abatement services.