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Asbestos and Lead Abatement

AOC Environmental, Inc. provides comprehensive asbestos and lead abatement services for industrial, government, commerical, and residential buildings. Our trained professionals help you understand the reality of your abatement problem. We employ every precaution to ensure the safety of everyone involved. We work closely with our clients to ensure our abatement work creates minimal impact on the daily operations of your organization or your life. We are comfortable working with large firms in high traffic areas, and understand the logistics involved when temporarily shifting workspaces is necessary. 

We employ certified and highly trained professionals to ensure that your abatement project is done safely to protect your business or home. We will assess the abatement issues and work with you to establish a well-defined action plan and abatement protocol. We also work closely with qualified environmental consultants and government agencies to ensure our abatement and remediation work is in compliance with local building codes, state regulations, and ordinances. 

  • Asbestos Abatement Contractor: #800615
  • Lead Abatement License #2110208
  • Hazardous Material Transporter License #400168

Transportation & Disposal of Hazardous Materials

Environmental Remediation

AOC Environmental, Inc. has the experience, equipment, and necessary permits to identify, record and dispose of hazardous materials with strict surveillance of chain of custody from the generating facility to EPA approved landfills for disposal. It is all done with complete compliance with Federal, State, and local government regulation. 

Mold Abatement and Remediation

We remove that dang yucky stuff!

The days of only wiping mold down with bleach and moving on are over. “Toxic black mold,” such as stachybotrys, can be found hiding in closets, under beds or on household ceilings. 

At AOC Environmental, Inc. we work with local State Licensed Consultants to fix your mold problem – not hide it. We work to ensure that the homeowner or building owner has a Certificate of Mold Remediation in their hands at the end of the project in accordance with the State of Texas Mold Remediation Regulations. This Certificate assures that the mold has been fully removed and that the root cause of your mold issue has been fixed by craftsmen that are licensed and reputable in their field of practice. Our mold sub-contractor uses only the best methods that are toxic to the mold that needs to be sanitized while being environmentally safe for the occupants of the affected space.

Let us help you ensure the health of the occupants of your living, working and playing spaces – AOC Mold Remediation specialists.

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AOC Environmental. Inc. is a leading complex project solution provider in Environmental Remediation, Construction, and Demolition.  We also offer Asbestos and Lead Abatement services.