Complex projects. Sustainable solutions.

General Contracting

Large construction projects are multifaceted endeavors. Their complexity requires a thorough understanding of local building requirements as well as the ability to navigate the logistical obstacles involved in construction processes.

Environmental Services

Our trained professionals can help you better understand the reality of the environmental situation and we employ every precaution to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Dustless Blasting

Our specialized equipment process will remove virtually any coating from any surface you would want to restore with minimal emissions. (dust plume)

Project Management

Don’t Let the Challenges of Your Projects Burden You Any Longer

Whether you are an owner, contractor or investor, you need to deal with a range of requirements during every phase of your project. Our project management services provide you with comprehensive supervision, inspection and administrative services for all types of projects – no matter the size.

Our Strength is within Our Processes

As a leader in project management, we offer extensive experience in all aspects of construction. As a result, we can help you reduce risks, control budgets and effectively keep your construction project within the planned schedule. Additionally, our highly trained and experienced staff can help you meet all compliance standards whether they are government, client, or company enforced.

Serving Texas and Southern Oklahoma

We proudly provide our services throughout Texas and Southern Oklahoma. We are based in Wichita Falls Texas. County seat of Wichita County, Texas.

AOC has been as good as their last job with us for the past 20 years. If you need high quality, safe, professional asbestos or lead removal, they are true to the adage, Quality is Job One.

Flint Skaggs

President, Flint Inspection


Environmental Experts You Can Trust

AOC Environmental, Inc. stands firmly on a foundation that integrates our stated mission to provide service to our clients while delivering exceptional value through our trusted processes. Service and value are the natural product of our internal culture of integrity, respect for all, and excellence in everything we do.

Environmental Abatement

AOC Environmental, Inc. serves our customers by helping them plot a sustainable course of action to mitigate their hazardous substance issues. Whether dealing with Asbestos or Lead based products, AOC can help you with abatement, disposal, encapsulation, or hazard mitigation services.

Vendor Specific Experts

AOC Environmental, Inc. is your certified Hunter Industry Fan installer for the Texas – Southern Oklahoma Region.

Qualified Sustainable Processes

AOC Environmental, Inc. consciously utilizes methods that do not harm people or the environment through reliable, replicable and measurable outcomes.

Start Your Project with Us Today

AOC Environmental. Inc. is a leading complex project solution provider in Environmental Remediation, Construction, and Demolition.  We also offer Asbestos and Lead Abatement services.